Our Services


K.Y.F.A maintains day time center in Limassol which operates on a daily basis from 9 am to 1 pm and its doors are open to everyone that need our support.

Our center, with our limited sources provides a safe and confidential haven to people living with HIV/AIDS where they can get the emotional support and any legal advice they might need. In our offices we provide a living room area where educational literature free condoms are available.

K.Y.F.A provides psychological and emotional support through group therapies and/or personal appointments. These are offered by our psychologist who is also a volunteer member of our board. She is offering her services on a part-time basis but our plan is depending on our financial budget, to employ her on a full time basis.

K.Y.F.A also provides an everyday direct telephone line, answered by its members who have been trained for this special purpose. We also provide legal support and advice to whom needs it and we pay visits to aids victims in jail, if there are any.

In co-operation with other care providers in our community, we the K.Y.F.A members offer our souls, hearts and hands, to educate and activate our community, and to serve these people without prejudice but with understanding and compassion. In general we look after and follow up the people living with HIV/AIDS in all of their social and personal problems.

We organize various fund raising events and with our financial resources we provide financial, medical and food assistance to people in need.

We provide free and confidential emotional support not only to people infected with HIV but also to their partners, families and loved ones. In detail we provide information to anyone interested, such as about the signs and symptoms of HIV and AIDS, how is transmitted, how is not transmitted, when and where to seek medical advice, treatment guidelines, about the retroviral drugs, how to prevent, what measures can be taken if one is HIV-negative, how to protect others if someone is been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, how to take care of himself etc.

Our organization is concluding numerous safer sex and HIV/AIDS/STD workshops, distributes condoms and related literature on a wider scale and run a public education campaign utilizing local celebrities. K.Y.F.A will also organize and conduct various support services in the form of educational programs in schools, youth organizations, churches, businesses and other community groups. Trying to keep the awareness about HIV/AIDS every year we organize candle march in the streets of Limassol. Our members take part in discussions on radio and TV stations and with any opportunity we write related letters and articles in the newspapers.

We also maintain our own web site available for everyone’s guidance and general information.


KYFA HIV/AIDS Supporting Center. The Support Center For the Aids Bearers was founded in December 2000 by a small group of women and men who recognized the need for support for people living with HIV/AIDS. K.Y.F.A is a non-profit organization on a volunteer basis and is the only agency in Limassol solely dedicated to providing support, education, information and social services to people affected by HIV/AIDS. It is situated in Limassol, Cyprus in the old general hospital premises which were donated by the Ministry of Health.

It is an officially recognized “Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)” serving not only the Limassol area but also all the island. K.Y.F.A co-ordinates a variety of resources to assist everyone affected by this epidemic and we work aggressively to prevent and reduce the spread of HIV disease.

Our Mission

Our Mission is:

  • To provide emotional, social and financial support to people living with HIV/AIDS and help them maintain and improve their health and independence.
  • To fight discrimination and prejudice against people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • To prevent and to reduce the rate of new HIV infections.
  • To keep the prevention, treatment and cure of HIV an urgent national priority in Cyprus.

In fulfilling our mission we respect the individual dignity of all people living with HIV/AIDS in Cyprus regardless their sex, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, age and social status.

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KYFA HIV/AIDS Supporting Center. The Support Center For the Aids Bearers was founded in December 2000 by a small group of women and men who recognized the need for support for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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