Treatment And Medication For HIV

HIV Treatment And Medication

Medication for the HIV virus includes 3 antiretroviral medications. Combining them is intended to suspend new copies of the virus being created in an effort to minimise potential side effects and the quantity of tablets that need to be taken. That’s why treatment needs to be consistent, otherwise the virus will have the opportunity to multiply and the AIDS syndrome will appear.

It is very important for anyone who is HIV positive to regularly visit the Infections Unit which keeps his/her records so that examinations are carried out and the antiretroviral medication is provided. General medical care is provided at the Outpatient Clinics of the Infections Unit. This means that he/she will not have to be hospitalised. He/she will simply have to see a specialised doctor to check his/her health, to prescribe the medication and to refer him/her to another specialised doctor, if necessary. There are 11 Infections Units in Athens and 1 in each of the following cities: Thessaloniki, Patra, Heraklion on Crete, Alexandroupoli and Rhodes. Moreover, there are 8 Outpatient Clinics for examining HIV positive people.

At the Infections Unit medication will be provided for free (more specifically, from the pharmacy of the hospital) as will specific examinations such as viral load and immune system checks as well as general blood tests. Moreover, Infections Units can offer other types of services, since at some point the doctor might refer the HIV positive individual to another specialised doctor. Of course, the HIV positive person can contact other medical services as well, such as doctors in other areas of specialisation, for health issues which are not connected to HIV. If medication is prescribed, it is important that this person first contacts the doctor from the Infections Units who checks him/her regularly. Some of these services already operate inside Infections Units.


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