Future Project,Our major vision is to create a hospitality house for people living with HIV/AIDS, the “The house for life and hope”. The challenges living with HIV/AIDS are changing everyday. While the new therapies promise long and quality life to people living with HIV/AIDS, the prejudice, the worst symptom of AIDS, as known, and discrimination is a bitter reality that they have to deal everyday in every aspect of their life. The fear of others knowing their status drives them to very lonely, unhappy and sometimes unproductive lives.

In Cyprus the need of a warm place where people living with HIV/AIDS can come for support, socializing and sharing their thoughts, experiences and worries among themselves is becoming a necessity.

The Center will operate daily and will offer hospitality, group contacts, entertainment, library with variety of books including HIV/AIDS related literature, TV, games, etc as well as organizing several events and activities such as excursions and trips, theater and concert evenings, lectures. This day care center will also provide every day social and psychological support.

The center will have living areas with rooms, where board, meals and living facilities will be provided to clients with special needs who will be able to stay as long is necessary.

To create this place we will need 800.000 CYP. This is a great vision but it is very difficult to achieve as our financial sources are limited. We are asking everyone who is willing to help us in any way possible.

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K.Y.F.A (HIV/AIDS Supporting Center) the Support Center For the Aids Bearers was founded in December 2000 by a small group of women and men who recognized the need for support for people living with HIV/AIDS.

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